France: French lawyers accuses Saudi Crown Prince of torture

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman — currently on a state visit to France — is the subject of a lawsuit accusing him of torture, brought by lawyer Joseph Breham in Paris on Tuesday. Acting on behalf of a Yemeni human rights organisation, Breham judged the Saudi Prince responsible for «serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by the Coalition in the context of the conflict in... Еще Yemen.» Breham and his law firm studied to legal framework closely, using UN's Committee against Torture definition of torture as their guide. Having deemed some of those acts carried out by Saudi Arabia as falling into that category, they proceeded to file the complaint. French law also allows for filing of cases under the principle of universal jurisdiction in the case of torture or other inhuman or degrading treatment. Berham is frank about the prospect of the complaint, accepting it is unlikely to lead to the arrest of the Crown Prince. However, he believes that the lawsuit will set an important legal and moral precedent. «The purpose of this complaint is also to make the leaders understand that the era where one could torture, massacre all the way, with impunity is a bygone era. Now the heads of state will have to answer for acts committed in their name and on their behalf, at least in the name and on behalf of the states they lead.»

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