France: Forensic scientists recreate crime scene at protest over working conditions

Forensic scientists recreated a crime scene at a protest calling for equal status with police officers in Paris on Wednesday. Employees from the special unit laid out mannequins' limbs covered in fake blood and numbered the evidence, much like in popular crime dramas. The forensic scientists explicitly called out Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, responsible for the pay and conditions of... Еще law enforcement. General-Secretary George Knecht of the SNIPAT union representing forensic professionals said his members deserved equality with police officers. «[They have] all the constraints, no scheduling, the risk, the danger, the hardship but no, they don't have any compensation for these obligations.» Jonathan, an officer from Versailles, said that despite working in the field, «we are considered as sedentary staff, as administrative staff and there's no distinction between us and a library worker.»

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