France: FEMEN co-founder commits suicide in Paris *ARCHIVE*

M/S Co-founder of FEMEN movement Oksana Shachko One of the founders of the FEMEN movement Oksana Shachko was found dead in her Paris apartment on Tuesday in an apparent suicide. Back in 2013, RT filmed an interview with the members of FEMEN, where they talked the organisation's origins and what it stood for. «We have always used women's sexuality and flirting in our actions, from 2008-2009... Еще to draw attention to the problems that we have stated,» Shachko said. «The first topless protest was in 2009 on Independence Day. I did it alone by myself, it was an experiment,» the FEMEN co-founder recalled. «It's clear that this was a shock for everyone, everyone condemned me a lot and everyone was ashamed of me because this is a natural process,» she remembered the first reaction of the close circle in regards to the FEMEN movement. «I am unhappy not because I was offended, I was uncomfortable because they do not understand me and do not try to understand,» Shachko said. «We were detained, condemned, deported, criminal cases were opened and, more recently, we were simply tortured on the streets,» she added, recalling the repression FEMEN suffered in their home country. FEMEN is a feminist movement created in Ukraine in 2008. The activists expose their breasts — covered in slogans — as a form of protest. The movement was forced to leave their country for desecrating a cross in central Kiev. Subsequently, the girls decided to fly to Paris, France, where they continued their movement. Oskana left the group in 2013 and became an artist.

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