France: Farmers release PIGEONS inside supermarket in protest over labelling

Fifty farmers burst into a Carrefour shopping centre in Montesson, Paris, where they released dozens of pigeons, Monday. The action is the latest in a series of demonstrations held to maintain pressure on authorities in the final stretch of negotiations with large retailers over the labelling of products. Protesters say current labeling practice misinforms customers and affects the farmers... Еще' receipt of money for their goods. The Young Farmers (JA) and the National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions (FNSEA), unions of Brittany and Pays-de-la-Loire, entered the supermarket shouting «We are not pigeons» [in French, 'pigeon' also means 'sucker'], while releasing dozens of birds in the store. Explaining the reasons behind the unusual protest, Mathieu Herguais, President of the Young Farmers of Pays-de-la-Loire said: «it is really to put the pressure on trade negotiations that are going on once again, but not in a good way.»

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