France: Eyewitnesses describe deadly knife attack chaos in central Paris

SOT, Journalist (French): «Is this your place? Did you discover this [the hole] from the TV?» SOT, Shop owner (French): «Yes [it's our place]. No, we could only come back at 1:00, to discover that we had a bullet on our glass, then the forensic came inside until 3:00.» Local residents and eyewitnesses described what they saw of yesterday's knife attack in central Paris on Sunday, which left... Еще two dead and several more injured. There was praise for the how the police reacted to the situation. One eyewitness, Gille Hoana, said: «He [the police officer] was young, frankly I pay my respect because he handled the situation well, he had no other choice but to shoot him, the attacker was so determined and aggressive.» Others commented on the attacker's appearance, saying he was not how one would expect. «I saw the aggressor with blood on his hand. He looked like a 20 year old kid, dressed fashionably, with long hair, like many youngsters today, I would have never thought he was a terrorist, he really didn't look like one,» said Hayfa Bouslma, another eyewitness. On Saturday night, a knife-wielding attacker killed one person and injured four more in central Paris, close to Place de l'Opera. The assailant was also killed after being shot by police. French authorities have opened a terrorism investigation into the stabbing attack, which has been claimed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS).

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