France: Exceptional security measures for 'yellow vest' protests — French PM

SOT, Gilles Bouleau, TF1 news anchor (French): «But in town they were almost never used in urban areas, never since 2005.» SOT, Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister of France (French): «Never since 2005, because we are facing people who don't come to protest but who come to destroy and we don't want let them have free rein. We mobilised an important number of police officers; 8,000 in Paris and that... Еще is much more than last Saturday and overall in France, not 65,000 [as last weekend] but 89,000, that means that it is really about an exceptional mobilisation, because, once again, we don't want to put in danger the Republic, institutions and the collective security.» The government will deploy «exceptional» security measures for this weekend's 'yellow vest' protests, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced in Paris on Thursday. Speaking on TF1, Philippe said more than 89,000 members of the security forces are being mobilised, up from 65,000 last weekend. At least 8,000 are being readied in Paris and armoured vehicles will be deployed in an urban area for the first time since the 2005 riots. On Wednesday, the prime minister confirmed that the government would repeal a planned fuel tax rise, the original reason for the unrest. The 'yellow vest' movement, named after protesters sporting high-visibility jackets, was initially formed in opposition to increase in diesel taxes. The protests have since evolved into an expression of general anger at high costs of living, poverty and inequality in France.

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