France: Eurosceptics celebrate Brexit

French eurosceptics united to celebrate Brexit with a party in Paris on Friday night. The so-called 'Frexiteers' waved Union Jacks and sang a rendition of God Save the Queen. Francois Asselineau's Popular Republican Union (UPR) invited figures from across the political spectrum to mark the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union. «The European Union at the beginning had noble ideals... Еще, beautiful aspirations, but little by little became a structure which is a little comparable to what was the USSR,» stated Asselineau. Marine Le Pen's former top strategist and The Patriots founder Florian Philippot said Brexit was «great for France, because from now on there are millions of French people who will start to seriously reflect on the question of 'Frexit'.» Others praised British voters for taking back «sovereignty and freedom». Writer Philippe Pascot even said «Long live the English people».

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