France: ‘European immigration policy must be completely revised’ — EU Parliament member

Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament Pier Antonio Panzeri has called for European immigration policy to “be completely revised” during an interview with RT in Paris on Wednesday, following accusations of human rights violations by Amnesty International against several European governments. «I think that the complaints of amnesty international are to be taken... Еще seriously. They describe the reality that currently exists in Libya. A reality caused by a strong migration process that comes from Africa and the Sael, but also from the containment policies that some European countries are adopting on the theme of migration. These policies force people to remain in Libya, in humanly unbearable conditions. I believe that the European immigration policy must be completely revised,» said Panzeri. Italy was among the accused countries which have been charged with the maltreatment of tens of thousands of migrants and refugees in Libya in an attempt to reduce arrival numbers.

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