France: Dozens of Yellow Vests follow Macron and vast police escort on national tour

Dozens of Yellow Vests were waiting for French President Emmanuel Macron as he made the first stop on his 'national debate' tour, in Bourgtheroulde, Normandy, on Tuesday. The president was accompanied by a vast police presence. Three months into the Yellow Vests protests, Macron announced a two-month long 'national debate' where citizens are invited to speak their mind on taxes, how the state is... Еще run, environmental issues and democracy. He kicked off the debate with a national tour where he'll be talking with mayors all over the country. Footage shows the dozens of policemen in protective gear patrolling the town and searching vehicles ahead of the president's arrival. Some of the Yellow Vests, meanwhile, felt shut out of the conversation as they have not been allowed inside the town the president was visiting. «Everything is structured and controlled, the Yellow Vests are outside the village, we can not go inside,» one man said. He added: «That's not normal. I feel like I'm acting like a smuggler in order to have my voice heard.»

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