France: Demo held against 'euthanasia' outside hospital as Vincent Lambert approaches death

Several demonstrators gathered to hold a vigil and decry what they describe as 'euthanasia' outside the Sebastopol hospital in Reims on Tuesday, where 42-year-old quadriplegic man Vincent Lambert, who has been in a persistent vegetative state for over 10 years and has become the focal point of an ongoing debate over the right to die in France, is expected to die within the coming days. Those... Еще attending the vigil can be seen praying together and holding a minute of silence «To say that it is an act of love to kill him is not true. It is not possible, you cannot kill your child, even if he is infected or not communicating,” Said one of those in attendance. Remy Blondet, a member of Veilleurs de Reims [Watchmen of Reims], a traditional Catholic group, said «I'm angry because they want us to believe that it's a human thing when we're euthanizing Vincent Lambert. Politicians say that it's not euthanasia. So what is it? If we had to continue hydrating and nourishing Vincent Lambert he would still be alive.» Vincent Lambert, 42, suffered severe brain damage that left him in a vegetative state after a motorcycle accident in 2008. Vincent's parents, who are practising Catholics, have been trying to keep him on life support despite the desire of his wife and six of his siblings to follow the doctors' recommendations to terminate the care. Following a court ruling, Lambert's doctors started halting his life support on May 20. However, within hours, the Paris Court of Appeals ordered them to resume hydration and nutrition. A final ruling was made on June 28 to remove life support, to which no further appeal will be possible. According to reports, life support treatments were ceased on July 2nd.

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