France: Demo calls for independence of French region of Brittany

A peaceful demonstration was organised in Nantes, France, on Saturday calling for reunification with the Region of Brittany and its further independence from France. During the demonstration, a crowd ran through the streets, chanting ''Separation for Brittany,» demanding self-determination for the region, as well as expressing support for Catalan independence from Spain. «We are organising a... Еще demo to show that this part of Brittany is in Brittany which is not officially recognised by France and we want to show solidarity with the Catalan movement in favour of independence and we ask to fight more here in Brittany for the right for sovereignty of nation for all of the Brittany,» said Goel Roblin, one of the activists. The Loire-Atlantique department is a historical part of Brittany that was excluded from the Region of Brittany in the 1940s.These administrative changes were reversed after the war and reintroduced in 1955 provoking campaigns for the reintegration.

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