France: Creteil hospital workers slam government's COVID response

Health workers in a Creteil hospital, near Paris, denounced the government's response to the coronavirus crisis in a spontaneous meeting with journalists outside their hospital on Monday. Nurses and doctors from Henri Mondor hospital in Creteil, called out the government for what they described as contempt for their working conditions, stagnant wages, and exhaustion. «I haven't seen my children... Еще in two months, had to endure that for a salary of €1,750 (US$1,910) per month. I think that right now we deserve much better. We all gave a lot, each role deserves to be much more valued,» said Magalie, a nurse at the hospital. «We are being offered medals but honestly we don't care about them. We are offered a delegation of health care professionals on the Champs-Elysées on July 14th, we don't care about that as well. What we want is something tangible. We want new people being hired, we want them to be able to work properly. We want hospital budgets in accordance with needs as well as a salary reassessment. Our wages have not been increased for 10 years,» said David Jacquelin, another nurse. In recent weeks, health care professionals have been engaged in a longstanding battle across France with the government in order to demand changes and measures which they say would make it easier to work and battle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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