France: Corsicans mull nationalist win in local vote

Residents in Corsica’s capital of Ajaccio had mixed feelings on Sunday on what a local nationalist win means for this mountainous Mediterranean island that has been a part of France since 1768. Pe a Corsica, (For Corsica), an alliance of the two main nationalist parties, won 45.36 percent of the ballot in Sunday’s vote and has already called on the French government to begin negotiations for... Еще greater autonomy. One local said: “It’s a historic thing, because if tomorrow we had independence I don’t know how we would live.” Another said: “I believe that there is a change of mentality, the young understand that today regionalism and independentism are simply nothing to be afraid of.” The regionalist right-wing party of Jean-Martin Mondoloni’s A Strada di L'Avvene, came in second with 14.97 per cent, while Valerie Bozzi's Voir Plus Grand party came in third with 12.77 per cent of the vote. The nationalists say they will seek more autonomy from France but ruled out any plans for imminent independence.

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