France: Clashes erupt in Lyon as pension reform protests enter sixth day

Around 20,000 protesters took to Lyon's streets as part of a general strike called by several French unions on Tuesday against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned pension reforms. «This reform of the pensions has to stop, it has to be done with a real dialogue. We can not go on like this. When you can get firefighters, nurses, lawyers out on the street, it means that something is not right... Еще in this country,» said a firefighter attending the march. Riot police deployed tear gas and water cannons as Yellow Vests, firefighters and union workers engaged in the protests. The police repeatedly advanced on the demonstrators and footage shows people being hit by batons as well as a person bleeding from their mouth. Members of the Yellow Vest movement joined the protests led by unions that have been held across the country for almost a week. The government is reportedly aiming to introduce a universal pension system, but trade unions say that this will result in millions of private sector workers having to work beyond the legal retirement age.

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