France: Clashes erupt at Paris Yellow Vest protest on eve of elections

Yellow Vest protesters defied coronavirus measures to take to the streets on the eve of the French municipal elections in Paris on Saturday. Footage shows protesters chanting and marching through the streets where tensions arose with riot police. The protest escalated with protesters throwing smoke bombs barricades at riot police, which responded with multiple arrests and tear gas. Saturday... Еще marked the 70th Yellow Vest demonstration since late 2018 when the Yellow Vests movement began demonstrating against the status quo every Saturday. A nationwide strike against pension reforms, one of the largest French history, which started in December 2019 breathed new life into the movement. On Thursday French President Emmanuel Macron announced schools would be closed and urged people to stay at home amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak which killed 79 in France and infected at least 3661 people. The municipal elections were not cancelled, despite the outbreak, and voters will take to the polls on Sunday to elect mayors and regional representatives for the next five years with a second round scheduled for March 22.

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