France: Black 'Amazonian' warriors rally against French imperialism in Africa

Pressure group 'Black Amazonians of France' took to the streets of Paris on Saturday, to criticise France's relationship with its former colonies in Central and West Africa, which activists compare to imperialism. The self-styled 'Black Amazonians' were dressed in tribal, warrior-like outfits, evoking the spirit of the Dahomey Amazons, an all-female military regiment in the Republic of Benin... Еще from the 19th century. Demonstrators waved the flags of several Francophone countries, and chanted against what they perceive as French neocolonial interventionism in the economic, social and political life of Africa. One protester, Stella Loutaya, strongly criticised the approach of successive governments in Paris. «We do not want 'Franceafrique' anymore! We no longer want the CFA franc, we no longer want military bases in Africa! Let them go out!,» she said.

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