France: Attacks on prison guards fire up nationwide strike

A series of attacks on prison guards by inmates has led to a nationwide strike, including at the Fleury Merogis high-security prison outside Paris on Monday. Protesters blocked the entrance to the prison and set up barricades after officers were injured in scuffles with prisoners at several prisons in recent weeks. Trade unions led by Force Ouvriere (FO) and Ufap-Unsa called for a “total... Еще blockade” on Monday after rejecting proposals from the government. The Justice Ministry is seeking to resume dialogue. General Secretary of the National Force Ouvriere Prisons Union Emmanuel Baudin promised further action if demands were not met. “We ask for the same as the police. That is to say salaries equivalent to the difficulties of the trade and which allow us to recruit staff.” According to local media, there have been walkouts at 130 of the 188 prisons across France.

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