France: Assa Traore, whose brother died in custody, blasts police union for opposing anti-police brutality mural

Assa Traore, the sister of Adama Traore who was killed while in police custody in 2016, blasted a police union's reaction to a mural depicting her brother and George Floyd, during a speech in Stains, a a suburb north of Paris, on Tuesday. Traore criticised the National Police Alliance union for opposing the inclusion of the phrase «Against racism and police violence» on the mural, and threatening to deface it. When the police union Alliance in France say they will come and vandalise the mural depicting George Floyd and Adama Traore, it is an insult,» Assa Traore told the crowd gathered next to the mural. «The main violence we must denounce is the violence coming from them, not from us. Today we are here, we came, they gave us a meeting, we answered their call. They did it on social media, it's an insult. By erasing my brother's face, or our brothers' faces, they are acting as if they hadn't existed.» The National Police Alliance union in for the Seine-Saint-Denis department protested the mural on Monday, demanding that the phrase at the top of the mural be removed or painted over as they felt it was insulting to all police.

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