France: Armed riot police return to paris suburb as teen death sparks tensions

Riot police were called out to the Paris suburb of Argenteuil for the fifth consecutive night as tensions continued to rise over the death of 18-year-old Sabri Choubi last week. Footage filmed in the earliest hours of Friday morning shows protesters setting off fireworks, leading to riot police advancing on the suburb armed with weapons and riot shields. At least one weapon was fired, but it was... Еще not clear if it was tear gas or non-lethal rounds. Residents blame heavy-handed police work for the death of Sabri Choubi, who died in a motorbike accident last week. It was the second incident involving the police and a motorbike in less than a month. Choubi's family allege that the teenager didn't lose control of his motorbike and argue that his death was caused by a collision with a police vehicle. Local reports contradict the family's theory, the prosecutor's department has apparently said that the initial findings show no police involvement in the collision. The family has launched a complaint with a legal team, demanding that the circumstances of Sabri Choubi's death be further investigated.

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