France: Anti-refugee Defend Europe lauds itself after Libya bans NGOs from waters

The anti-refugee, anti-migrant Defend Europe project announced in a press conference in Lyon, Saturday, that it will «temporarily suspend» its activities, following a decision by Libyan authorities that halted the operation of NGOs within its territorial waters. «The decision taken by the Libyan authorities to close the territorial waters and then their exclusive economic zone resulted in the... Еще stopping of the activities of most NGOs,» the group's representative Philipp Huemer said. He went on to claim, «Since its start, Defend Europe has obtained several important victories in the Mediterranean Sea.» Huemer also argued that his group «shed new light on the so-called humanitarian NGOs,» and that «the collaboration with the human traffickers has been exposed.» «It seems that the revelations about the cooperation with the human traffickers have please neither the supporters nor the public opinion,» Huemer said, citing NGO reports of «a significant decrease in their donations.» Last week, several NGOs, including Doctors without Borders (MSF) had announced a temporary hiatus of search and rescue operations for migrants in the Mediterranean, in protest against what they felt was the «aggressive and threatening attitudes» of the Libyan coastguard. This has «deterred migrants from attempting the crossing, and therefore reduced immigration to Europe,» Huemer said. «Our action is thus a political success with concrete results. Europeans finally have an NGO that actually protects them,» he concluded. The Defend Europe project was launched by the ethno-nationalist Identitarian Movement with the purpose of intercepting refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya and sending them back home.
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