France: Anti-nuke protesters decry punishment for Macron publicity stunt

Campaigners for nuclear disarmament staged a protest outside of the Sainte Chapelle high court in Paris on Friday in support of anti-nuclear activist Remi Filliau, who was summoned to appear before a judge after publicly challenging French President Emmanuel Macron over his nuclear policy. Filliau and several other activists dressed as clowns and entered the headquarters of Macron’s governing... Еще party En Marche to demand he sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Filliau is accused of assaulting a police officer during the publicity stunt. He now faces up to one year in prison and a €15,000 ($17,707) fine. Speaking outside of court, the anti-nuclear activist said he believes the case against him is a stitch up. “I am facing up to a year in prison because of a police officer's lie. They were probably ordered to lie to incriminate me and to silence the pacifist activist that I am, who has been against nuclear weapons for many years.» «Macron sends pacifist activists to court, his way of thanking the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which has worked internationally for this nuclear weapons ban treaty. And Macron, far from disarming, on the contrary encourages nuclear proliferation around the world”, Filliau said. France, which is not a signatory to the ICAN’s nuclear weapons treaty, holds the third largest stockpile of nuclear warheads in the world.


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