France: «Angry Police Wives» rally for officers in Paris

Hundreds of law enforcement officers and their supporters took to Paris streets in support of French policemen on Saturday. The rally was organised by the «Angry Police Wives» movement with the largely female group demanding better working conditions and security for their loved ones. They marched the city streets proffering roses to police officers they met on the way. One of the protesting... Еще police officers said, «The lack of colleagues, that's something that is difficult for us on a daily basis, because these terrorist attacks are becoming more and more violent. That's very difficult». «There's an impact on the level of the family, because these children fear for their parents. They're very worried. Myself, for example, I make sure for my sons that I have really locked the door before the night, to really check that, because they are scared as their dad is a police officer,» said one of the protesters. Similar protests will be taking place in Strasbourg, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille and Lyon.

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