France: Amazon begins reopening warehouses after COVID labour dispute

Amazon began gradually reopening its distribution warehouses in France on Tuesday, after a nearly month-long closure due to a dispute with worker's unions over unsafe conditions during the height of the coronavirus epidemic. The warehouses have opened with new precautions in place such as ubiquitous sanitisers, thermal cameras throughout the warehouse, and barriers to maintain distance among... Еще employees. A labour union had previously brought a case against the company, citing insufficient measures to protect its workers from contraction the coronavirus in warehouses across the country. The court ordered the company to limit itself to the sale of «essential goods.» Instead of complying with the court ruling, Amazon shut down its operations in France on April 15, blaming confusion over what constituted «essential goods» and the possibility of fines. «It's really then a question what is essential or not and we cannot judge. If you take some examples, you know, if you talk about healthcare products, is a shampoo essential or not?,» said Jon Scott, a site manager in Boves. After losing an appeal, the retail giant announced last Friday that an agreement was reached with labour unions. All six warehousses in France are now gradually reopening. Amazon has faced criticism around the world, as concerns were raised over the safety and health of its workers who were facing increasing demands amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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