France: Airbus displays its 'Vahana' electric vertical take-off vehicle at Paris Air Show

Airbus put its electric vertical take-off vehicle, called Vahana, on display at the 53rd Paris Air Show on Wednesday. According to Airbus's Head of Asia Pacific Urban Air Mobility Derek Cheng, the vehicle «is fully electric, electrical vertical take-off and landing, self-piloted vehicle that will fly about 80 km. It has completed its 80 flights so far.» Cheng went on to explain the purpose of... Еще the prototype, saying «Airbus believes that we can connect cities and people by looking at the third dimension of urban skies. Hence for us, urban air mobility is about how we unlock the urban skies to move people from point A to point B in a city.» Airbus is developing both a single-seater variation which was on display in Paris, and a four-seater model, dubbed the CityAirbus.

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