France: Activists paint steps of the Trocadero with 'blood' of extinct animals

Environmental activists staged a sit-in protest in Paris on Sunday, during which they poured red paint on the steps of the Trocadero to resemble the spilled blood of animals which are extinct or facing extinction. Footage shows police trying to snatch bottles of red paint away from the activists as they covered the stairs in the 'blood'. Members of 'Extinction Rebellion', which organised the... Еще demonstration, said they were calling for «a societal revolution or it will be worse than we could ever expect. In any case, even if we get to everything we could at all levels, the future is not going to be funny.» According to another activist «seeing the 'blood' running down the stairs is something, it feels really concrete, because we imagine all these terrible things, but this we can actually see.» 'Extinction Rebellion' said they staged the protest to warn people over the current and future danger of extinction. The action follows an alarming IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) report on the extinction of one million species.

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