France: 'A Christian country' — Beziers Mayor leads rally against French secular laws

Mayor of Beziers Robert Menart led scores of Parisian Christians in a rally on Tuesday, decrying French secular laws that they believe impedes their national “traditions.” Menart addressed the audience vowing to fight for the right to hold a nativity scene in the town centre. «We want to keep it, a number of symbols, which for us are important, the religious nativity scene is one of these... Еще symbols. So while I am mayor of this city, as long as these people trust me, they will have with me someone who defends its traditions, and will start, at Christmas time, to defend the religious nativity scene,» said Menart. Organiser of the rally and president of SIEL Karim Ouchikh also stated his belief that France is “still a country of Christian culture” speaking after the rally, stressing the importance of holding on to its religious roots. Members of the Polish community were also present at the rally, voicing their agreement of maintaining Christian events as a priority in France. France's 1905 secular laws were introduced with the concept of separating church affairs from state matters. Under these laws events of religious relevance are prohibited from public places.

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