France: 40 arrested as protesters block roads in cat and mouse chases with police

At least 40 protesters were arrested after blocking the roads leading to Bois de Boulogne park where the CEOs of the biggest French companies, including Carrefour, Renault and Societe Generale, as well as French Minister of Labour Muriel Penicaud held a lunch meeting, Thursday. The so-called HR Congress meeting reportedly took place in an expensive Parisian restaurant which drew the ire of... Еще protesters. «2500 euro for participation in this event is far from nothing, and inviting Madame Penicaud ultimately gives the [ministry's] support to big companies and their policies,» said ATTAC France representative Annick Coupe, adding, «This meeting shows the existent connection between the government and the MEDEF.» Demonstration was also held against recent labour law reforms introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron with protesters rallying with signs and banners at Bois de Boulogne park. Macron's upcoming labour and tax reforms have been met with backlash from workers' unions, students and pensioners over the past few weeks. The government's new measures are set to make it easier for small and medium sized companies to hire and fire workers, and will hand them further power for setting pay and working conditions.


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