Four ultra-rare (ultra-cute!) white lion cubs born on World Lion Day at Crimean Safari park

Four adorable white lion cubs were born at the Taigan Safari Park in the Crimean town of Belogorsk on Thursday. The cubs are called Tsar, Director, Mathilda and Nyasha-Nevsmenasha and were, by an amazing coincidence, born on World Lion Day. «Two boys and two girls were born to a white lioness and Richard — a beautiful white lion. We brought three pairs of white lions from South Africa in 2008... Еще”, said park director Oleg Zubkov as he cradled a cub on Friday. «They bring us amazing offspring each year», he added. White lions are critically endangered, with estimates saying there may be as few as 300 in the world. The distinctive species is a result of a rare colour mutation in the African Lion, native to the Timbavati region of South Africa. Reportedly sighted for the first time in 1938, the vast majority of white lions today live in zoos and reserves, since their ability to hunt in the wild was widely doubted.
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