Four-legged firefighters! Watch goats preventing wildfires in California

A goat fire brigade, consisting of over 1,200 animals works to help California's Marin County to fight wildfires in a high-risk area, as footage filmed on Thursday shows. The four-legged squad assists local firefighters by grazing fire-prone areas and getting rid of extra leaves and weeds that could serve as fuel for a massive fire. The goats are operating at the exact points of where fires are... Еще likely to emerge, in the areas that were detected by a special software. «The goat grazing turned out to be one of the most cost-effective approaches to creating the large scale field breaks that we understand we need to get to reduce the risk in the county» said Todd Lando, the Executive Coordinator at Firesafe Marin council. Lando added that goats provide safety for the local community, and are even contributing to reducing climate change.

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