Fluffy octopus toys soothe premature babies by imitating mother's womb

A group of mothers in Kursk have started knitting octopus toys with woolly tentacles that give the feeling of being inside the womb to soothe premature babies, Thursday. «By making every octopus [toy], I want to thank everyone, who made our life with one baby more,» octopus toys maker Anna Barkova said. The Kursk regional perinatal center chief doctor Valentina Kristinina told that this... Еще technology is one of the important phases of the rehabilitation. «The baby is holding on to octopus’ tentacles and perceives it as the mother’s umbilical cord, with which he was playing in the womb recently. The baby feels himself more secure,» she added. Scientific test have proven that the premature babies become calmer when presented with the toys, since the woolly tentacles that bare a resemblance to an umbilical cord and remind the babies of their time in the womb. The octopus knitting movement is believed to have started in Denmark in 2013, by a group called Spruttegruppen.

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