Flour power! Eggs fly as massive food-fight brings anarchy to Alicante

Street performers in the Alicante province town of Ibi pelted each other with flour and eggs all the while setting off firecrackers and smokebombs on Thursday, as they took part in the annual Els Enfarinats (the Day of Innocents) festival. The annual festival, which dates back more than 200 years, sees participants dressed in military uniforms stage a mock coup d'etat, throwing eggs, flour and... Еще smoke bombs at each other. The participants are split into two opposing sides. One group is called the «Els Enfarinats,» who stage the coup and try to take over the town and make up new laws. The other group, «La Oposicio», try to restore order. At the end of the day, money is collected in «fines» by «Els Enfarinats» and donated to local charities.

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