Float to work with Munich's most chilled commuter

Viral star Benjamin David takes an alternative route to work by swimming in Munich's river Isar, avoiding peak time traffic and congestion, a journey he showed off on Tuesday. The manager of Arts Festival Kulturstrand began commuting to work by river two years ago, explaining that it is much more relaxing swimming to work. He stressed, «up there on the highway, there is always lots of traffic... Еще, and it's not only cars, it is bicyclists, busses and pedestrians and everybody is kind of fighting for their piece of public space.» From his home to his work it is about two kilometres (1.2 miles) and it takes him from 12 to 27 minutes, depending on the current. He also added that in the beginning people thought he was «kind of a weird guy», nevertheless «in the meanwhile lots of people understood» and «it is becoming kind of a movement.»

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