Flaming fiesta sees Spaniards broom fight in Los Escobazos festival

Hundreds of people from a small town of Jarandilla de la Vera in Caceres province were filmed lighting brooms and dancing around a fire on Saturday night as part of the Los Escobazos festival. Los Escobazos is an ancient tradition when on December 7, locals march through the streets chanting «Viva» to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, playing drums and singing. As soon as it gets... Еще dark, people light their brooms and begin to hit each other. However, no one is said to be hurt as it is not allowed to hit another person above the waist. The festival is believed to have originated from shepherds who used to come back to the village to celebrate this day. It is said that brooms were used to light the paths for them as a sign of greeting and welcome.

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