First passenger train crosses Crimean Bridge under the watchful eyes of Mostik the cat

Crimean Bridge’s mascot Mostik the cat met the first passenger-train connecting Saint Petersburg with Sevastopol on Wednesday. The footage shows the furry foreman watching closely as the train travels on the 19-kilometre (11.8-mile) bridge. It is the first passenger train to arrive in Crimea from mainland Russia. It left St Petersburg on Monday and arrived in Sevastopol some 43,5 hours later on... Еще Wednesday. Mostik, which means “little bridge” in Russian, was adopted by construction workers at the very beginning of the Crimean Bridge project four years ago. When the ginger cat first appeared at the site he was cold and hungry. The guards kept him warm, fed him, and since then he became the site's unofficial foreman. The ginger feline has become so popular in fact that he now has his own range of emojis on the Russian messenger app Telegram, and has even been officially employed by the construction company. Mandatory credit: Information Centre «Crimean Bridge»

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