Finland: To Beef or Not to Beef? Farmers bring cows to Helsinki Univ. after beef ban

Farmers brought their livestock to Helsinki University in the Finnish capital on Tuesday, in a bid to give a positive outlook on cattle farming, after the university said it would take beef off the menu to reduce carbon emissions. One agriculture student said: «Today, we brought a few cows here from [the] centre of Finland, and we are here to tell about the importance of cows, and how cows are... Еще important for agriculture and nature.» She explained that cows play an important role in the environment because «they eat grass that we, people, can't eat, so cows are a very important part of the natural cycle of grasslands.» Another student spoke about achieving carbon-neutral milk, drawing attention to meat and milk production that are at the core of the discussion. He noted that «we see production, meat production and milk production, as an opportunity, so it's disappointing that our own university doesn't offer beef meat anymore.» A group of animal rights activists also staged a protest nearby, with one student calling to stop «destroying the lives of animals,» before adding that «we are living in a global ecological crisis.» The rally takes place after the announcement that the Unicafe restaurants owned and operated by the Student Union of Helsinki University will no longer serve beef, starting from February.

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