Finland: 'Smartphone mightier than sword' — Puigdemont on vision of 'digital republic'

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont spoke of the role of technological advancements in the Catalan separatist movement, during a conference at the University of Helsinki on Friday. Puigdemont said social media was crucial in sharing «the image of repression to the whole world» during the October 1 Catalan independence referendum. «What's going on in Catalonia is already partly thanks... Еще to the empowerment of people through the technological revolution,» Puigdemont said. «My experience says that one day it will be clear for everyone that the smartphone is mightier than the sword.» Puigdemont spoke on the day a Spanish High Court judge charged 13 Catalan separatist politicians, including the former president, with rebellion. Puigdemont denied speaking to Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) member Marta Rovira, who defied a summons to appear in front of the Spanish high court and fled the country to Switzerland on Friday. Puigdemont, himself in self-exile in Belgium, added that he supported Rovira’s decision. Mandatory Credit: ACN

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