Finland: Russia ski coach criticises IOC 'special rules for Russian athletes'

Head coach of Russia's cross-country skiing team Markus Cramer criticized the IOC for making «special rules for Russian athletes,» speaking from the Finnish city of Lahti on Sunday. «I hope now that this discussion will finish, and we will focus in the sports and in young athletes and look to future, and I hope that the IOC will make soon good rules and clear rules for all, and not special rules... Еще for Russian athletes. It must be for all, and I hope they do this very soon because we need this for the future of the sport,» Cramer said. The head coach also spoke about the success of Russian athletes during the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. «We came back with eight medals, more than in Sochi and it was amazing for us and I am very happy for this, that we have also, without our best athletes very good results, and it is very good for the Russian cross country ski,» he said.

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