Finland: Nationalist and antifa protesters face off in Helsinki following Turku attack

Nationalist and anti-fascist demonstrators faced-off in Helsinki's market square on Saturday in response to the recent stabbing in the city of Turku which left two people dead and injured a further eight. Nationalists marched with Finnish flags to Kesäranta, the official residence of the Finnish Prime Minister, where they lay candles, before continuing on to the city centre where they were met... Еще by a counter-protest of anarchists and anti-racist activists. Anti-immigrant activist Marco de Wit contested what he saw as the biased actions of the police: «I was attacked by an anarchist,» he said «but the police did not care about it at all. They just took away the nationalist photographer [Junes Lokka] who was doing nothing because they want to portray the nationalists as dangerous.» On August 18 Abderrahman Mechkah attacked 10 pedestrians with a knife in Turku's Puutori market square. The 18-year-old was subsequently shot in the leg and later taken into custody. He pleaded guilty to the attack a few days later.

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