Finland: Helsinki residents shocked but not afraid after Turku stabbing attack

Residents of Helsinki recalled feelings of worry and shock upon hearing about Friday's stabbing attack which left two people dead and a further eight injured in the southern Finnish city of Turku, Saturday. One Helsinki resident Maria Vananen stated, «I was shocked but I was kind of expecting it to happen unfortunately. To be honest I felt scared to leave my house, but I don't want to give any... Еще power to fear.» Another resident Teemu Itkonen stressed, «It is shocking news for us. But I'm not afraid at all, these things are still really rare events and it's highly unlikely that it will happen to me so I'm not afraid.» On Friday the lone assailant attacked pedestrians with a knife in the southwestern Finnish city's Puutori market square. The 18-year-old attacker was subsequently shot in the leg and later taken into custody. Police are treating the event as a terrorist attack. On Friday the police arrested four more Moroccan suspects in connection with the attack.

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