Finger lickin' good! Colombian woman wants world's LONGEST NAILS

Introducing Rosa Margarita Marulanda: the woman with the longest nails in Colombia. She showed off her rather impressive set of claws in La Estrella on Friday. Not content with the Colombian record, her goal is to have the longest nails in the world. She says hasn't cut her nails for 7 years, and her husband and son help her to 'groom' them. It isn't all happy families though as her brother... Еще argues with her over the keratin claws since he 'doesn't really like them'. The colour of her nails depends on the season, and she uses up to three pots of nail polish each time. Due to the length of her nails it's hard to get on with her daily chores, to the point where she can't take a shower properly and struggles in the kitchen.

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