Female stunt performer pushes boundaries in Iran's film industry

The 36-year-old Mishka Seilani is one of the few female stunt performers to be performing as a professional stuntwoman in Iran, footage from Friday following her on her daily training routine shows. According to Seilani, one of the main issues is the lack of training space that accepts female stunt performers. «We have only one or two clubs in Tehran that allow women to do stunts and as soon... Еще as they realise that the stunt performer is female, then they ask team to be responsible for their actions.» Seilani explained that people are at first surprised when they hear about female stunt performers, and that «some people react in a negative way towards [female] stunt performers.» «I have tried to improve the presence of women in the field of performing stunts,» Seilani's trainer and stunt performer himself Keyvan Rezaei said, adding that during the past years women have been participating more and more in films.

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