Feline good — Riga resident builds homes for orphaned cats ensuring his eternity in heaven

Svyatoslav Mihaylov knows how to help street cats to find their «roof», the Riga resident builds cute cats-houses marking them with numbers as they were real buildings in the Latvian, as shown on footage shot on Thursday. Mihaylov says that the impulse to help animals sparked when he read a friend's post about kittens that were left in a forest all alone. «It was two years ago, and we found... Еще money and made a house for them,» he explained. Now people come and help him building little houses voluntarily. «no one here gets any money for work. We make houses in our spare time,» he says. During two years, they made about 80 cat-homes. Most of them are being in Riga, but other Latvian cities are also in the list to household cats properly.
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