Fearless veteran! Adrenaline junkie Babushka flies high in air tube

SOT, reporter (Russian): «What is it like up there?» SOT, Maria Koltakova, 95-year-old skydiver (Russian): «Excellent.» SOT, reporter (Russian): «How does it feel?» SOT, Maria Koltakova, 95-year-old skydiver (Russian): «Like on a plane.» SOT, reporter (Russian): «How does it feel?» SOT, Maria Koltakova, 95-year-old skydiver (Russian): «It feels very good, a top-of-the-world feeling. It... Еще was not scary.» SOT, reporter (Russian): «Are you going to set it?» SOT, Maria Koltakova, 95-year-old skydiver (Russian): «Yes.» Ninety-five-year-old Maria Koltakova, known as 'Iron Granny', performed her first air tube flight on Russia's Defender of Fatherland day on February 23th, as seen in footage filmed in Moscow. «I have even asked [to fly] for the second time and to fly even higher. It was amazing,» — the Adrenaline-seeking grandmother said after her first air tube experience. She gained popularity after having set a string of incredible records such as a first-time parachute jump at the age of 93 thus becoming Russia's oldest skydiver. «Last time I jumped on September 13th in 2017in Crimea, on the Klemetiev Mountain. It is 4200m,» the fearless old woman told journalists. Apart from parachute jumps, the veteran's track record can boast of a flight on a hang glider, on a balloon, scuba diving, carting and etc. Brave Maria Koltakova is determined to move forward telling about her goal to set a new record which surpasses nine flights. «I agree to pursue a record,» — she pointed out. Maria Koltakova is a veteran of the Second World War, participant of the legendary Battle of Kursk and the liberation operation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, was presented 46 awards among which the medal of Honour for having carried 27 injured soldiers away from the battlefield.

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