Everybody was Kung Fu fighting: This young Afghan athlete is fast as lightning

24-year-old Afghan Abbas Alizada aspires to be the next martial arts Hollywood star and he keeps to a strict training programme, footage filmed last month in Kabul reveals. Abba’s ambition is to join the ranks of kung-fu masters who have starred during the years in numerous martial arts movies. «My name is Abbas Alizada. But I am known at the streets as 'Afghan Bruce Lee'. Whenever someone... Еще calls me 'Bruce Lee', I am overjoyed» says Abbas while talking about some of the greatest kung Fu idols. While speaking of funny training-related incidents he said, «I have had some really funny accidents with nunchucks» adding «once I hit my head so hard that I was knocked unconscious for about five minutes.» The young athlete, described by many as 'The Dragon of Afghanistan', added that «Afghanistan is very unsafe place for a famous person. But I am not afraid of death.» Abba’s physical shape, agility and precision in performing have already made him quite famous among the locals who never miss a chance to get a photo with him.

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