Every dog has its day! Celebrity bordie collie lives in luxury

After his making his owner rich, celebrity dog Sylar has his own $500,000 pet mansion. On a visit to the luxury Beijing dog-pad on Friday, owner Zhou Tianxiao told the story of the border collie's startling rise to fame and fortune «My dog got a lot of fans on social media because of the way I trained him,» explained Zhou. Sylar's tricks, like high-fiving, playing dead, walking backwards and... Еще through legs, were a viral hit. He now has close to 800,000 followers on social media. «He changed our lives and gave us hope,» recalled Zhou. Following their newfound success, Sylar's owner opened a pet store via e-commerce giant Taobao. As a thank you, Sylar became the proud owner of a plush new doggy mansion, with spa, trampoline, indoor pool, two murals of the dog's face and a party room to boot. This is a far cry from the days of the Cultural Revolution, when Chairman Mao's Red Guards would kill pet dogs, a symbol of 'bourgeoisie'. Now China's pets live in decadence.

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