Estonia: «I want them to stay», PM May says of EU citizens amid heckling in Tallinn

«On the issue of my Florence speech I have set out, in my Florence speech, the progress that we've made on a number of issues and the vision that I have for the deep and special partnership that we can develop with the European Union in future. I'm pleased that the negotiations have been making progress and I look forward to developing that deep and special partnership with the EU, because I think... Еще it's not only in the interest of the UK, it's in the interest of the EU as well.» Journalist, (English): «Citizens' rights, the letter yesterday from business leaders was pretty punchy- why will you not- right here, right now-commit to the rights of citizens, millions of them. We hear from them pretty regularly, they're very worried about their future, that they have no guarantees what happens after March 2019. Why won't you give them those guarantees? Theresa May,(English): «Well we value the contributions that EU citizens, citizens from other EU countries have made in the UK, where they've made their lives in the UK. I value their contribution, I want them to stay and we've been negotiating on those citizen's rights. I also obviously want UK citizens in other European member states to have their rights guaranteed as well. In my Florence speech, I set out very clearly how we could ensure that the rights of those EU citizens were guaranteed in the UK. That has been part of the negotiations that we've had, very good progress has been made, that was clear from both the statements that David Davis and Michel Barnier made yesterday.» Journalist, (English): «But they say you're playing human poker, Prime Minister.» Theresa May,(English): «No. I value the contribution EU citizens have made in the United Kingdom, but I also want to see the rights of citizens in the UK, who are living in other European Union countries to have their rights guaranteed as well. The negotiations are about ensuring we can give certainty of reassurance to EU citizens in the UK and to UK citizens in the other EU member states. That's what the negotiations are about, good progress has been made on that issue. Thank you.» UK Prime Minister Theresa May told a journalist that “very good progress” has been made on Brexit negotiations and that she values the contribution of EU citizens in the UK, at an EU summit on Security in Tallinn, Estonia, Friday. May made the statement amid the sound of apparent heckling and whistling in the Estonian capital. The UK prime minister added that the “negotiations are about ensuring we can give certainty to EU citizens in the UK and to UK citizens in other EU member states,» when questioned on whether she was “playing human poker” over the issue of citizen's rights. May is in Tallinn with other EU leaders for a Security Summit.


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