Enormous seven-storey inflatable football invades pitch in Chelyabinsk

A huge inflatable football has taken over a pitch in Chelyabinsk in celebration of the World Cup, as shown in footage shot on Monday. “The size of the ball is 20 metres in height and 20 metres (60 feet) in diameter, the bottom is 14x14 metres (46 feet) — a circle with a diameter of 14 metres. It is made of specialised polyester fabric. Its weight is a half of ton. Two-and-a-half square... Еще kilometres of fabric was purchased and the ball was made,” Nero director Artem Mazanov said. The ball was inflated in the city’s Central Stadium. Although a record has not yet been registered, it is believed that no one has created an inflatable football the size of a seven-storey building.

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