Enormous one-ton Easter cake appears in Moscow

A one-ton Easter Paskha cake appeared near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow on Sunday. The ceremony was timed to the holiday marking the Resurrection of Christ. The giant Easter cake was reportedly made in Rostov-on-Don and delivered to the capital as a gift. According to Alexei Svestunov, chief editor of the Record Book of Russia, «1,251 kilograms is the weight of the Paskha with... Еще a pallet. If you subtract the weight of the wooden pallet, you will get 1.140 kilograms. 1 ton and 140 kilograms.» Svestunov added that the dessert may enter into the Guinness Book of Records. «Our colleagues in London have already received an application for a Guinness World Record,» he said, adding: «in this category, which is called in English 'the largest curd bar', the current record is 200 kilograms. As you see, this record will be broken sixfold.»

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