'End of the Road' — Name change for Berlin streets named after colonial figures

Residents of Berlin's African quarter in the district of Wedding, showed mixed reactions towards the renaming of three streets dedicated to controversial figures in Berlin's colonial history, on Thursday. Currently the streets honour Adolf Luederitz, who founded the former colony of German South-West Africa by acquiring land through fraud; Carl Peters, who was imperial commissioner in what was... Еще then German East Africa and was feared for his brutality, and Gustav Nachtigal, a German Africa researcher and advocate of colonialism. Local activists have been fighting for years to have the three streets renamed with other activists, including Angelika Ising, fighting against the renaming. However, the district office gave its go-ahead earlier in the week after a vote passed in the district parliament. Luederitzstrasse will be renamed after Cornelius Frederiks, a resistance fighter in what was then German South-West Africa; Nachtigalplatz will become Bell-Platz, to commemorate Cameroonian King Rudolf Magna Bell, who was put to death by the Germans in 1914; Petersallee is expected to receive two new names. One part would be named after the Namibian independence fighter Anna Mungunda, while the other part would be called Maji-Maji-Allee, after a resistance movement in former German East Africa.

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