Election hacks, lower tax and… orange wax? Chinese museum unveils waxwork of Trump

It is complicated to get the permission from the people. Usually, the wax work museums don't even apply for permission for the wax statues.» A waxwork museum in Shenyang unveiled its latest addition to the roster, none other than US President Donald Trump, Thursday. Trump, who visited China from November 8th until November 10th before he headed to Vietnam as part of his tour of Asia, has been... Еще immortalised alongside other world stars such as footballer Lionel Messi, scientist Albert Einstein, popstar Michael Jackson and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Explaining the lack of a real likeness between the figures they're replicating and the people themselves is apparently to avoid copyright infringement explained visitor to the museum Mr. Tang. «The reason why most waxwork museums make wax statues that don't look like the original people is because they worry about the copyright problem. It is complicated to get the permission from the people,» he explained.

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